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Certificat - Innovation, Design thinking & Intrapreneurship


3 semaines


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Certificat - Innovation, Design thinking & Intrapreneurship

Objectives and description

Objectives :

The Certificate in Innovation, Design Thinking & Intrapreneurship is a three-week course designed for managers of technology-based and also service companies willing to take leadership in innovation and initiate change.

The modular structure of the program is designed so that the modules can be followed independently or in a block, allowing participants to fully benefit from the complete training if they attend the 3 weeks.

Program duration : 1-2 or 3 weeks. Each module has a 5-day schedule

Each intensive module is delivered over 5 days on our Grenoble campus and grants 2US or 4ECTS credit hours.

Profile of participants and admission criteria

Profile of participants :

Professionals who need to acquire necessary knowledge and tools to lead their companies/business units in adopting new models and processes:

  • Business unit and R&D managers;
  • Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs;
  • Corporate venture programs managers.

Entry requirements :
A professional level in English is required (for non-native applicants, proof of English will be asked). At least 3 years of work experience

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